A Second Chance at Life

I open my eyes and I hear Mark’s pleas for me to wake up, to move. I hear him calling for Ziggy. I tell him I’m alright. Four angels appear on their knees at the shattered car window telling me they will get me out, they will stay with me, they won’t leave me.

Love Relationships Are Work And So Is Climbing Stairs

Me: “These stairs are so symbolic to relationships.” Mark:  “What do you mean?” Me:  “Each step brings a burning feeling and the challenge makes you want to stop. If you’re alone, it’s easier to give up and turn around or find a way to cheat. When you have someone to climb with they keep you…

Roaddogz: The Journey to Unconditional Love

Over 20 years..many miles…heartbreaks…restarts…losing our way…finding new ways…healing and growth. Mark and I have been through our fair share of trials and tribulations in our personal lives and within our relationship.